Update on 105C DG Lady’s Appeal

I am delighted to report that, during the past month, my appeal reached £8,500, with which I am thrilled! Of course, I would like more!
I have thanked each Club individually for their generous donations to date. However, I am aware that several Clubs will be making final decisions regarding the distribution of their hard-earned funds over the remaining weeks of the year. I hope my appeal will figure in those discussions, if your Club hasn’t already donated. As I am sure you are aware, 75% of the total raised will go to Candlelighters and 25% to Batley Care & Drop-in. Candlelighters needs little or no introduction from me, supporting, as it does, children with cancer and their families from right across Yorkshire. Batley Care & Drop -in opens its doors twice a week to all-comers and provides food and other support services to homeless and disadvantaged people
Payments should be made direct to District Treasurer, PCC Lion Bryan Riley, to LCI District 105C and highlighted on the back of the cheque or BACs transfer “Patsy’s Appeal”.

Please, however, let me know, via DG Lion Clive, so I can acknowledge your donation.
Your support for these two worthwhile causes is very much appreciated.

Mrs Patsy Barwell District Governor’s Lady 105C