Special Olympics 2017

Fellow Lions, Lionesses, as many of you will be aware 2017 is a very special year for the Lions, it is perhaps even more important to many people who are in some way disabled because it is the year for the Special Olympics which are to take place in Sheffield. So consequently, many disabled athletes are competing in their local events in an effort to gain the necessary qualifications for these games.
So Fellow Lions, Lionesses, I am asking if your club can help at all? Sometimes it is not just funding that is required, it is man/woman power at an event. I know that many of our clubs are already involved and their involvement is greatly appreciated. But I know that there are organisations in the following areas who would very much appreciate the help of a Lions Club i.e. Wakefield Bradford and Pudsey are just three that I know of. So if you can try and make contact with disabled groups in your area and see if help is needed I would be most grateful. I can always put you in touch with a group if you have any problems, then please e-mail me at: msmith254@aol.com and I will help in any way possible.
We have all witnessed the joy of Team GB over the last weeks as they received their medals, but the joy of a disabled person is even greater.

PDG Lion Malcolm Smith
District Officer 105C Physical & Learning Difficulties