Lions Young Leaders in Service Award

How the Award works

YLiS Awards recognise young people aged 11 to 18 for their community service over 12 months.

The duration is important as achieving the award counts towards university entrance.

Your club may run this award scheme at any time of the year, with participants starting on the date of their first hour of community service and completing on the first anniversary of that date.

  • Set clear deadlines to be shared with partner schools/youth organisations.
  • The activities are grouped into categories; hours can be from the same or different activities.
  • Keep in contact with the organisation to keep their interest, monitor progress and answer queries.
  • At the end of the 12 months service, on an agreed date, collect the logbooks or record sheets.

Send the logbooks/individual record sheets, with the YLiS 2 School/Youth Organisation Award Certification Forms (club guide p9/10) and YLiS 3 Lions Club Request Form (club guide p11) to your DO Jane Armitage, who will apply for the letters, certificates (gold (100 hours), silver (50 hours) or bronze (25 hours) ) and pins or cloth badges (please specify).

If possible, organise a Presentation Event and invite family, friends and members of the youth organisation and try to publicise in your local newspaper.

Allow 4 weeks + time in post for delivery of the Awards

For full club guide go to MD website

Lion Jane Armitage
District 105C Young Leaders in Service Officer