Lions Lifeskills Appeal for Africa

A school in Malawi supported by School Aid

We have identified a major need for our Lions Lifeskills resources in Africa and particularly in Malawi which is a relatively poor African country. As in many African countries children in Malawi need assistance with education generally but also with reading and personal social and health education and most of our Lifeskills resources are
well placed to help in all of these areas. There are wellknown problems associated with providing this type of
aid, for example:-how would it be distributed, supervised and stored? How would Lions be sure that funds invested
would not be wasted? And of course we look to ensure that these problems will not occur.

Fortunately, we have made contact with School Aid, a charity, which specialises in building partnerships with
African Schools. School Aid would be very grateful to receive our Lifeskills resources and are well-placed to
transport and distribute them. School Aid is also best placed to see that they are used effectively and will ensure
we received feedback. Clearly Lions Lifeskills Ltd is not in a position to give these resources away and the Council of Governors has kindly approved an appeal to every Lions Club, asking for consideration of a contribution of £100 towards the purchase of Lifeskills resources for Africa.

This would enable a new international opportunity for our invaluable resources. By supporting this appeal, we will assist education, literacy and reading for the children and young people of Africa and ensure a healthier future. Our District has a leading reputation for supporting Lifeskills and it would be good if all Lions Clubs in our District would support this appeal which has been sent directly to all Presidents and Secretaries through the new monthly PR ‘NEWSFEED’.

Contributions should be sent to the MD Charities Treasurer Tom Berry marked ‘Lifeskills Africa’.

Many thanks for your continuing support.

Lion David Skinner
Life Skills Officer