LCIF report from DO Alan Doble


I have sent numerous Appeals out following the many disasters this year, eg Hurricanes, flood earthquakes and Humanitarian and refugee crises

LCIF have approved 2000 major grants this year to help in the disaster areas

LCIF also funds project in local communities providing they meet the criteria

Donations to the 5 main area will still be eligible for Melvin-Jones Fellowship (MJF)


Supports all program area and allow LCIF the flexibility to supplement initiative where additional funding is necessary or where the need is most urgent


Enables LCIF to direct the funds to the areas most in need following a disaster to provide for immediate, mid and long-time relief. The Foundation will be able to provide funds for large scale disaster relief rather than collecting and then distributing funds over a period of weeks or months


Fund seek to support hundreds of sight related activities such as education, ranging from equipping eye clinics to providing braille computers for visual impaired


Supports Youth programmes and other initiatives such as education; infrastructure improvements and programs to assist at risk youth

Humanitarian Needs

Funds project that meet diverse community need beyond, sight, disaster and youth such as the measles programme water wells and vocational training for the disabled,


Funds support the purchase and distribution of the measles and rubella vaccination in selected developing countries.


Donation to any of the above are accumulative credits, towards a MJF.

For Lion Member,  or buy a MJF for  anyone  in the  community that have performed good causes in aid of  their  local community,  may receive an MJF cost $1000

Please contact your LCIF Officer who will inform you of your credits availablity

Please use your credits ASAP.  Monies not used after 3 years will go into the general “kitty”

Contributing Membership Pins

If you wish to donate to LCIF personally. I have Bronze Contributing Member’s Pins 17/18 for a minimum donation of £17. Although with the exchange rate fluctuating as they are then a slight increased donation may occur to cover this

LCIF is our Humanitarian Arm providing relief for millions of people throughout the world. Please keep this on you club agenda’s and make a donation each year to ensure we can continue to provide this invaluable support

I would like to make a personal and international THANK YOU on behalf of everyone you have support throughout all areas of LCIF, for your continued support 


I have distributed the following and will continue to send update as available

Winterisation – Syrian refugee children Appeal

Please donate and help our partners who are working in the affected areas by donation to UICEF/UNHCR’

School In A box   contain equipment to Educate 40 children

Yemen Appeal people are now going to into Kenya for help

Freedom Kitty Bags Nepal

Water wells


Vulnerable mothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina need your help. We need to raise £75.000

And a matching grant to replace current 50 yrs old theatre beds. Drs are limited in the procedures they can carry out on these old beds and therefore women are not receiving proper care

Please will you Help

DO Alan Doble
LCIF and IRO Officer