LCIF is your Foundation



In your community and communities around the world Lions Clubs International Foundation is your foundation;-

  • Saving Sight
  • Disaster relief
  • Humanitarian Needs
  • Supporting Youth

LCIF and Lions are making a huge impact every day:-

LCIF and Lions have:

  • prevented vision loss for more than 30 million people,
  • restored sight to over 8 million people through cataract surgeries,
  • provided 150 million treatments for River Blindness,
  • built or expanded over 600 eye clinics,
  • trained more than 600,000 eye care specialists,
  • conducted over 17 million vision screenings through Sight for Kids,
  • contributed more than $100 million in disaster relief worldwide,
  • helped over 13 million students build positive life skills through Lions Quest,
  • impacted countless lives through $800 million in LCIF grants,

and with your continued support we can do even more.

Measles kills 400 people every day.

Did you know a single measles jab costs $1

LCIF and our partners are working to stop measles.

You can help make a difference

Lions Clubs International Foundation is your foundation

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