DG David’s May report

Fellow Lions, Lionesses and Partners

I hope by now that you have all your Club Officers in post for the forthcoming Lionistic year and at the same time your Club has submitted the names of all your officers to Lions Club International, if not please can you elect and forward the names of all the successful candidates as soon as possible and no later than the 15th May. You can either do this on line or print out form PU1O1 then complete and forward it to Lions Club International. It is very important once these Lions have been elected, especially if they have not held the post before that someone sits down with them and fully explains what is expected of them and it should not be assumed that they know and understand everything relevant to the very important roles that they are taking on and if they find that they are struggling that they know who to ask for help.

It is also a time to be looking at the criteria that has to be completed to submit a successful 2018-2019 Club Excellence Award Application. These criteria are available on the LCI website plus I have sent them out and an application form to all Club President’s and Secretaries. A club can be very active and positive in their local community, very organised and communicating all its activities extremely well on social media but if that club has not had a net growth in membership their application falls at the 1st hurdle. Please submit completed forms to myself by the 31st August for verification.

I am very pleased to report that I have now completed all my club visits and over the 3 years I have been a member of the District Governor Team I have managed to visit every club in the District at least once and two thirds of the clubs have had 2 visits from myself plus of course Charter Anniversary Dinners. Thank you one and all for the very warm welcomes that Christine and I have received. Message in a bottle, further to mine and 1ST VDG Sue’s attendance at Zone F (County Durham) meeting early in April the Clubs in that Zone have agreed to work closely with the North East Ambulance Service to spread the word on Message in a Bottle and to provide more of these very useful little containers to the vulnerable people in their local communities. Zone Chairman Elect Richard Nash for Zone N4 also attended the meeting and he is hoping to persuade the Lions Clubs in Northumberland to be also part of the project. The 2 Zones cover the same area as the North East Ambulance Service who are very keen to assist us; they are even requesting a thousand of these bottles that they can distribute on our behalf at various events they attend over the summer months. Each club is being asked to contribute £22.50, the price of a box and if every club participates they will have well over a 1000 bottles to give out as they have requested. The event is being very kindly coordinated by the members of the Yarm Lions Club, led by Lion Adrian Lazenby.

Congratulations to the Thirsk and Northallerton Lions Club who celebrated their Golden Jubilee at the beginning of April and I was delighted to present them with a Framed Certificate signed by our Patron HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex at their recent Charter Anniversary Dinner and also to Castleford and Pontefract District Lions Club whose 50th Anniversary Lunch I attended in the middle of the month. The District Governor that presented them with their Charter was Lion Ken Henderson from Filey who also sponsored me into Lions, quiet befitting that I should be there 50 years later. Christine and I are also very much looking forward to presenting Scarborough Lions Club with their 60 year framed certificate on the 11th May at their Diamond Jubilee Charter Dinner especially as they are my own club’s mother club.

Membership lets have one last push this Lionistic year for additional members and remember for all new members for District 105NE who join before the 30th June their joining fee is paid for by District. Congratulations to my own club Filey who have enrolled 6 new members in the last 3 months putting the club’s membership up to 38 and this has had the unusual task of the Trustees implementing a 6 month recruitment freeze

Christine and I are looking forward to an enjoyable weekend at the MD Convention in Swansea at the being of May.
If you have any articles for the new combined newsletter, please submit them to Lion George Morgan at :gmorgan343@btinternet.com by the 24th of the preceding month i.e. for the May issue by the 24th

Lion David Wilson District Governor 105NE