DG Clive’s July report

Dear Fellow Lions, Lionesses, Leos and Partners,

To meet PDG George Morgan’s deadline, I’m writing this a few days before Patsy and I fly off to Las Vegas for District Governor School and International Convention, but realisation is now beginning to dawn that, by the time many of you read this, I will be District Governor for 105C!
Patsy and I are thoroughly looking forward to the coming year and getting to know you all so much better, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that we have moments when we wonder what we have let ourselves in for!

I will talk a little about my hopes for the coming year at the Welcome Home, more at the District Cabinet in August and, of course, when I come to visit your Club. However, with the support of you all, I hope 2018/19 will turn out to be a memorable year for the District, particularly in terms of membership and service to our communities.

When I wrote last month’s article, June was looking like a busy month and, in addition to my anticipated activities, a few other things cropped-up. I had a meeting with Lion Margaret Riley, incoming Global Service Team Coordinator, regarding some of our plans for the new year. Having already had discussions with IPDG Michael Boldero and PDG David McDowell, I also had a meeting with PDG Nigel Ware to understand matters that still needed resolving at the Council of Governors. With my financial background, I am taking a particular interest in the finances of the MD and how we can cut-back on expenditure!

I had a meeting with former Lions from Blackpool, a Husband and Wife team, where, unfortunately, the Husband has dementia and his Wife is struggling with his care. I’m optimistic the Zone will be able to help, particularly with driving, as the Wife had never learned.

Another meeting was with a Consultant who is helping me to understand how we can better exploit Social Media to try and help overcome the, “I’ve never heard of Lions” syndrome.
The President of Castleford & Pontefract District Lions Club, District Secretary Michelle Nicholson, and I attended a business networking meeting in Castleford to promote Lionism and, fingers crossed, we got one positive enquiry about membership. Watch this space!

Finally, for June, I had the privilege to be at Warmsworth & Edlington to see Lion Penny Doble being presented with her MJF.

Currently, my diary for July, following our return from Las Vegas, looks a little barren, but I imagine that will soon change! My Diary Manager, Zoe Martin, is actively contacting Club Presidents to arrange Official Visits and understand what other events you would like us to attend.

If your Club hasn’t heard from Zoe and there’s something you want me to attend, please just email me on clive.barwell@wrensterling.com or call me on 0800 074 8755 – I’ll even pay for the call!

I can’t guarantee that I will be available, but I will make every effort to fulfil your expectations of me. Remember, it has to be a “first come, first served” basis!

Yours in Lionism

Lion Clive Barwell
District Governor 105C