Medic Alert

Medic Alert is a registered charity, supported by Holderness Lions.

Medic Alert is the only non-profit making, registered charity in the UK providing medical and emergency proffessionals with a system to help identify over 4 million members worldwide who have underlying medical conditions.

Medic Alert Emblems consist of a metal disc bearing the international medical symbol mounted on a Bracelet, Necklace or Wrist strap.
On the reverse of the metal disc, vital information is recorded, that may be needed for the members immediate treatment. Also the 24hr Emergency Line phone number is recorded, along with the members unque I.D number.

If your child has a Medical Condition or Allergy, wearing a MedicAlert Wrist strap, will provide life saving information in an emergency. So you can rest assured they will be protected, while they get on with the serious job of living life and having fun. Mum and Dad you will know its a life saver, the little people in your life, will just think its cool to wear.

Holderness Lions will purchase the Medic Alert Item for you and / or your child, they will also pay the 1st years subscription of £25
There is a £25 Annual Subscription Fee to pay, from the 2nd year onwards, (payable by yourselves).

For further information please contact Lion Barbara Swann on 01964 623868
Medic Alert:
Freephone 0845 8335741 (lions)
Freephone 0800 581420 (medic alert)